While part of the Target IxD team, I was tasked with the redesign and architecture of the TargetLists web app. The goal was to enable a co-shopping experience where guests could easily enter the items they need, and share the list with others. Guests could then both shop from the same list during their next Target visit, with items being marked off in real-time between users.

The website is complimented by a mobile application that guests can use in store. The site and application were both successfully launched in fall of 2014. Try it out for your next Target run (free account required).

When guest first uses the TargetLists app, they are greeted with a premade list that explains how the interface works. These allows them to get accustomed to the interactions without having to first create a new list.
In this example, the guest is creating a new list. The process begins by asking them what they would like to call it.
The guest is then placed into their new TargetList. The list name they entered now appears in the sidebar, and is active.
The user begins by entering items into the text field at the top of the list. In this example, the guest has entered ‘Milk’. They can then press the ‘add item’ button, or hit ‘enter’ on their keyboard. The item will then be added to the list. Guest may also enter up to 100 items, separated by commas, and each item will be added to the list separately.
In this example, the guest has added additional items and even marked a few as completed. By pressing the ‘options’ icon, the guest is able to modify various aspects of the item. In the screenshot above, they have increased the quantity desired to 2, and added a note. These edits happen in real-time in the list behind the modal.
After the guest makes their item edits and presses the ‘save’ button, the item modal is closed.