Tim Wilsie

Senior Digital Leader / Advanced UX and Technical Skills / Innovative Product Management


I am a driven leader that is passionate about helping teams create iterative, flexible, and testable customer experiences. I believe that success relies on building environments where people can effectively collaborate to solve big problems that have positive impacts on our world. My ability to mentor, coach, and foster healthy culture are the foundation of this. I love building cool stuff with great people.

With nearly 15 years of professional experience in the field of technology and design, I use my skills to build and lead high performing teams that leverage human-first mindsets at every level of problem solving. As a design leader, I forge relationships built on trust with business and development partners while advocating for human centered approaches to meet objectives.

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    Please feel free to explore examples of my work. While much of my client work is under NDA, I do represent pieces when I can.



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